Chewing the Fat w/ Big and Beefy | BBQ Pitmaster Chef Glenn Gross

On this episode of “CHEWING THE FAT” with Big and Beefy, Chef Rob Burmeister and Chef Clemenza Caserta Jr. will be rapping with BBQ Pitmaster and Owner of Fat Jack’s BBQ , Chef Glen Gross. We will be talking about his appearances on BBQ Pitmasters, “FRANKENFOOD” and all of his upcoming TV stuff.

We will also be taking questions about BBQ and grilling to help out those puzzled by the whole art of the Barbecue.

Chef Glenn will also be joining us in our FOOD NEWS, FOOD FIGHT and TOP FIVE LIST.

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Chewing the Fat w/ Big and Beefy | BBQ Edition | Beth Taylor HK12 | “CHEF” Review

This episode Big & Beefy will be Chewing The Fat with a few guests. Being Memorial Day has just passed what better topic is there but BBQ. Rob & Clem Welcome Joe Marks of The Smoke-N-Pit BBQ from right here on Staten Island.

Second Topic will be a movie review of the best food movie since The Last Supper. It’s “CHEF” with Jon Favreau, Robert Downey Jr., Sophia Vergara, Scarlett Johannsen and many many more. Cuz Kris will be either stopping by or calling in to give his views.

Last but not least is Louissiana Chef and HK 12 Cast member Beth Taylor. She will be chatting about Hells Kitchen, other food tv and life in Louisiana. Also Join us for Food News, Top 5 & Food Fight.

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Chewing the Fat w/ Big and Beefy | FoodNetwork John Sierp | MC4 Luca Manfe | Tommy Cas

Big & Beefy will be “CHEWING THE FAT” with Three great personalities of the Food and Beverage Industry. “My Italian Kitchen” cookbook author and MasterChef 4 winner Luca Manfe Chef, Firefighter & FoodNetwork Celebrity John Sierp. From Brooklyns Finest Bar Restaurants “The Lock Yard”, “The Kettle Black” & “Ho Brah” none other than Tommy Cas.

Chef Rob and Chef Clem will have a full studio with their good friends John and Tom while Luca Manfre will be calling talking about his brand new Cookbook “My Italian Kitchen” whick went on sale May 13th. Join in on our “TOP FIVE” “FOOD FIGHT” AND FOOD NEWS.

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Chewing the Fat w/ Big and Beefy | Chef Lou Marfolio | “Rice Ball King” John Paul Perrone | Xiomara Hall

Join us as Big & Beefy Chew The Fat with Chef Lou Marfolio, John Paul Perrone & Chef Xiomara Hall. Chef Lou will talk about his new project at Kaufman Camp and talk with Chef Rob about cooking with special needs trainees. John Paul Perrone (The Rice Ball King) with also talk about his new upcoming Projects. Lastly Chef Xiomara Hall will be calling into the show all the way from Temecula California to gossip about her latest BBQ Competition, her Jerk BBQ Sauce and her awesome restaurant. Lets not forget to ask her about her reality stint on “SUPERMARKET SUPERSTAR”.

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Chewing the Fat w/ Big and Beefy | Chefs Jessica V. & Rich M. from HK12

We got a great show this Tuesday Night. Tune in at 7 PM EST to listen in to Chef Rob Burmeister and Chef Clem Caserta as they welcome a calvacade of chefs to the show.

Chef Jessica Vogel from Season 12 of Hell’s Kitchen. Chef Jessica lives in New Jersey and will be guest hosting CTF with Big and Beefy. Good Times ahead.

Chef Rich Mancini from Season 12 of Hell’s Kitchen and Winner of Chef Wanted with Anne Burell. Chef Rich is a Chicago Native and avid Hockey Fan. We will talk about food, tv and Hockey Playoffs. Visit his website and order his new line of sauces.

Chef Eddie Canlon from Canlon’s Restaurant and Winner of CHOPPED will be stopping by the studio with some of his famous sandwiches. Chef Eddie is always a fun time. He really gets Big and Beefy going. Also on the schedule will be the weekly Top Five list as well as the FOOD NEWS and Food Fight. This will a show for the books. Non Stop ACTION! Big will also be rehashing The NYC ICS CHILI COOKOFF.

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Chewing the Fat w/ Big and Beefy | CTK Chef Steve Cazel | Presidential Cooking

Listen in tonight live while Big and Beefy while the Chew the Fat with former Cutthroat Kitchen Contestant, Chef Steve Cazel from Sunny San Diego. We will be chatting it up with him about his career as a chef, cooking for celebrities and presidents, his time on CTK and Reality Rally.

Chef Rib and Chef Clem will rehash their week as well as hit on their favorite segments “TOP FIVE” “FOOD FIGHT” and maybe some others. Also the fellas will go over some weekly food industry news

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Chewing the Fat w/ Big and Beefy | “FOODIE” Cuz Kris Sjolander

This week on “Chewing The Fat” with Big & Beefy the chefs welcome Chef Rob’s favorite cousin, beer salesman and credible “FOODIE” CUZ KRIS SJOLANDER into the studio. It’s always a great time when The Cuz is around. We will be chatting it up about everything from Beer/Food pairings all the way to top restaurants around the country that Kris has devoured some five star cuisine. Sjo will also be joining the boys in their weekly Top Five and Food Fight as well as the news.

Who knows, knowing Cuz Kris, he will be taking over the studio. Also, we have the Reality Rally Chef vs Chef Challenge Winners! Hell’s Kitchen Alums Chef Amanda Giblin & Chef Amanda Collelo. Keep an eye and an ear open for possible surprise guests too.

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Chewing the Fat w/ Big and Beefy | Test Out ASTV “STUFZ” Burger Stuffer

Today on “Chewing the Fat” with Big and Beefy , the chefs will be testing out the as seen on TV “STUFZ” americas stuffed burger contraption. Will it stand up to Clem and Rob’s standards. Tune in. Also join the fellas in this weeks “Top 5 List”and the “Food Fight”.

Of course there will be food news and possibly some surprise callers. Maybe a few new segments might be popping up.

B&B will also be talking about the new “Kitchen Casino” and John Favreu Movie “CHEF”.

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Chewing the Fat w/ Big and Beefy | Backyard Brine Pickle Company

Big & Beefy will be Chewing The Fat with Randy and Cori of “Backyard Brine” Handmade Artisan Pickles straight out of Northport , NY. Chef Rob had their pickles at The Taste of Long Island and became a huge fan. So much he cant wait to have them on the show. You can order these great pickles at or email them [email protected]. Their number is 631-754-1050. You wont be sorry you ordered them.

Also Clem and Rob will be having their “TOP FIVE”, “FOOD FIGHT” & of course the NEWS. They may even have a surprise guest stopping by to Chew The Fat.

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Chewing the Fat w/ Big and Beefy | ‘Bacon Jam’ Creator Sean Quinn

This week Big & Beefy will be welcoming back “CHOPPED” Winner Chef Sean Quinn of into the studio. We will “CHEW THE FAT” with the Bacon Jam and Onion Marmalade creator. Let’s see what our favorite self promoter is up to now.

We are asking our fans to choose this weeks “TOP FIVE” and “FOOD FIGHT” Who knows what topic they will choose. I hope it’s a good one. Big is coming off of a rare win from last week.

Listen in for some FOOD NEWS and some other cool segments. Our listeners are growing so let your friends know about “CHEWING THE FAT” with Big & Beefy. It’s a totally interactive show.

Chef Rob Burmeister from “CHOPPED & “CUTTHROAT KITCHEN” and Chef Clem Caserta Jr. from “HELL’S KITCHEN” are two buddies from way back and love to bullshit. Call us up LIVE and BULLSHIT with us!

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