Chewing the Fat w/ Big and Beefy | ‘Bacon Jam’ Creator Sean Quinn

This week Big & Beefy will be welcoming back “CHOPPED” Winner Chef Sean Quinn of into the studio. We will “CHEW THE FAT” with the Bacon Jam and Onion Marmalade creator. Let’s see what our favorite self promoter is up to now.

We are asking our fans to choose this weeks “TOP FIVE” and “FOOD FIGHT” Who knows what topic they will choose. I hope it’s a good one. Big is coming off of a rare win from last week.

Listen in for some FOOD NEWS and some other cool segments. Our listeners are growing so let your friends know about “CHEWING THE FAT” with Big & Beefy. It’s a totally interactive show.

Chef Rob Burmeister from “CHOPPED & “CUTTHROAT KITCHEN” and Chef Clem Caserta Jr. from “HELL’S KITCHEN” are two buddies from way back and love to bullshit. Call us up LIVE and BULLSHIT with us!

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